Provide incident response and security assessment services. We have successfully driven threat actors out of the computer networks and endpoints of clients across every major industry. Our consultants are trusted advisers to organizations around the world that want to prepare for and respond to critical security incidents. With a combination of unique skills, experience, threat intelligence, and proprietary technology


    provide customized reporting, delivering unmatched visibility into your specific environment and a wider global perspective and insight. As part of our intelligence services, you will receive monthly or quarterly reports about the financial threats active during the reporting period.


EliteVAD played a great role in the growth of the region IT economy through taking a leading role in providing technology solutions & services by focusing on a long-term partnership with our partners to address their needs. Now our regional presence across the Middle East, Africa and West Asia Pacific covering Enterprise Solutions, IT Infrastructure and Telecommunications


We significantly investing in human resource development as innovative minds will leads us to innovative solutions, Always we strive to rise our bar to satisfy our customers needs.