• Billing

    VPSie gives its clients the possibility to choose between different billing plans, based on their needs. Through SSD (Solid State Drive) powered cloud computing, we provide you with bleeding-edge applications and fast, efficient solutions to your demands. You no longer have to spend huge amounts of cash for storing and using your data. With VPSie, you can choose between many billing plans, based on the storage you need, number of CPUs you want to have at your disposal, the SSD capacity or the amount of data you want to transfer between networks. Whatever the nature of your needs, we are happy to provide you with all the expertise and tools in meeting your demands.

  • Productivity

    With the proliferation of pre-made built in APPs you can deploy a huge variety of pre-made APPs like cPanel, LAMP (Apache, MySQL, PHP are all installed), gitlab, Wordpress, ClearOS , Debian, etc. It doesnโ€™t matter if you are an online store, a retailer, a corporation, or just a newly-minted startup- you can always benefit from the latest software developments. We at VPSie believe that a business or organization can always gain competitive edge through the applications of such platforms. Our team has already helped businesses enhance their productivity by deploying the right applications. While you run your business or organization, we make sure that everything works just as predicted.


VPSie knows how important is for businesses to run as smooth as possible, with no major bumps along the road. With that being said, our datacenters are resilient and up to every challenge. Whether there has been an equipment failure, power outage or other disruptions, the resilience of our datacenters allows for a quick recovery, with no data loss in the process. We offer instant upgrade for each resource component (CPU, RAM, SSD Disk) without having to upgrade to specific tier or preset package with an easy to use resource slider control.


While public cloud storage companies offers security, several gigabytes of space for free, being generally immune to disasters, there are some caveats. For one thing, when you use a public cloud storage service, you essentially give up control of the data. Sensing this insecurity on part of many business owners, VPSie has come up with a protected private cloud with a firewall dedicated exclusively to each client. Full protection across the one or more VPSies datacenter is a guarantee. While you run your business, we make sure you thrive.

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