• CyTag™ - Real-time cargo tracking management solution

    Eliminate lost, misdirected or stolen goods by 24/7 tracking and surveillance with CyTag™ Real Time Cargo Management Solutions.

  • CyPod™- Eliminate cyber-attacks and fraud Personal military grade digital security

    CyPod™ is a patented portable secure client environment for authentication and secure transactions

  • CyCard™ - Personal digital security in the palm of your hand

    CyCard™ is a multipurpose secure authentication and encrypted storage device offering a range of functionality such as a digital eWallet, access control and personnel management.

  • CyNode™ - Multi-purpose and scalable node for the CyNet™ Mesh Network

    CyNode™ is an indoor node that can locate any device such as a CyCard™ or CyPod™ within an accuracy of 2 meters.

  • CyLoc™ - Monitor personnel safety and location in real time with the CyLoc™

    Know when they work, where they are and improve safety and productivity.

  • CyBridge™ - Multi-Purpose Smart Bridge for the CyNet™ mesh network

    Seamless integration between CyNet™ wireless communication and wired TCP/IP networks infrastructure

Personnel tracking and management benefits

Know the position of all your employees anywhere in real time within meters of precision. Their location will be visualized on an interactive map, allowing you to easily get a quick overview of your facility. Enhanced security via data encryption and biometric authentication. Employee enrollment via NFC card reader Work routine management by check list signing (geo-fence) on the CyCard™ device or by QR scan or NFC Time management of assigned tasks Messaging Alerts Access control

Benefits of tracking employees and personnel

Locate and track staff in real-time, instantly identify resources available for dispatch to support ground operations Monitor line maintenance teams and maintenance performance Assign work orders to individuals or teams, and then track fulfillment Receive alerts during periods of prolonged employee inactivity Monitor overall performance data for key HR analyses Create “geofences”, or virtual zones that automatically enforce entry/exit rules to specific areas