Stamus Networks

We are a global provider of high-performance network-based threat detection and response systems that help your security teams know more, respond sooner and mitigate risk with insights gathered from cloud and on-premise network activity. Our Stamus Security Platform exposes serious and imminent threats to your critical assets and accelerates your response

Stamus Networks helps secure your enterprise

  • Stamus Networks brings these benefits to your SOC

    Automated event triage - reduce alert noise and focus on the immediate threats with automated event tagging Feeds your single pane of glass - the openness of the platform and consistent data model leads to straightforward integration into your tech stack Asset-oriented insights - detect what is new on your network and easily see host activity, last login, and IP address activity, for example Explainable results - detailed event timeline and intuitive user interface allows you to easily understand results Remote access - hands off operations and remote availability


    Full network visibility - up to 4000 unique elements of metadata to help identify the layout of your network Asset inventory - maintain accurate accounting of assets Highlight policy violations - spot applications that should not be on your network Pinpoint legacy endpoints - identify potential unsupported software programs


Environment agnostic integration and deployment Provide your security team with unified visibility across physical infrastructure and the cloud Help with meeting compliance best practice standards One tool to provide both security and network traffic monitoring Easily integrates with the rest of your cybersecurity toolset using open, extensible interfaces


Scalability - delivers an enterprise scalable solution based on open source Technology stack - manage the technology stack for you Data management - provide ALL the data that Suricata offers Automation - adds Stamus automated tagging to increase SOC personnel efficiency

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Network-based threat detection and response

Stamus Networks

Know more. Respond sooner. Mitigate risk. Accelerate your response to threats with solutions that uncover serious and imminent risk from your cloud and on-premise network activity.

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