Failure of DLP_ 2 & Next Generation Data Loss Prevention

A platform protects an organization’s assets by accurately identifying sensitive data and stopping data leaks before the damage is done.

5 Essential Ingredients to a Data Loss Prevention System


    It is impossible to predict which outbound channel the next data leak will occur. Some expected avenues are: corporate email, private email, webmail, blog, instant messenger, P2P application, internal web or FTP server etc. Therefore, the DLP system must cover ALL the relevant channels. The majority of “DLP” systems do not even try to cover all network channels. Typically, they cover SMTP, FTP, HTTP (client side), sometimes HTTPS and instant messaging. This coverage is further handicapped. For example, scanning SMTP, these systems require integration with the corporate email server and inspect only emails sent through it. Emails sent through an external ISP are overlooked. Emails accessed from outside the perimeter through POP3 or HTTP (server side) are ignored by such solutions. The dangers of file sharing applications and exposure of the internal web servers are disregarded.


    by its definition requires electronic enforcement of the data security policy – i.e. the product must be able to effectively block transmission of protected data. Many “DLP” products being sold are actually DLD – Data Leak Detection products. They are designed to report what data breaches have occurred, instead of stopping them in real time.


    The true DLP solution must inspect content. Making decisions based on the form (file type, file attributes etc.) or meta-data (author, language, size of attachment etc.) is not enough.


    The DLP solution must be sufficiently accurate. Among two types of errors (false positives and undetected leaks) the more dangerous error is a false positive. In the enforcement mode, even a small amount (0.1%-0.2%) of false positives can wreak havoc in the organization. Therefore, a DLP solution has to employ detection technology with virtually zero false positives. Another aspect of accuracy is that the DLP system must protect data and not a specific form of its representation. Therefore, the DLP system must be resilient to typical modifications of the data, such as excerpting, embedding, changing file format, re-ordering, re-typing, text re-formatting etc.


    The DLP solution must not duplicate the protected data in any form! If it does, then DLP becomes Data Leak Provoking. But many vendors still sell products, copying the data they are supposed to protect into their internal database. Encrypting such data, or keeping it in the form of the search index is not enough to satisfy this requirement!


ORGANIZATION'S CYBER LANDSCAPES ARE DYNAMICALLY CHANGING BRINGING INCREASING CYBER-SECURITY THREATS TO THE ORGANIZATION'S ENVIRONMENT. GTB TECHNOLOGIES HELPS ORGANIZATIONS IN MANY WAYS INCLUDING: Mapping, managing and controlling sensitive data flows - on premises and off Content Aware DLP with Optical character recognition coupled with GTB's Detection Engines with Intelligent Smart Search provides the most accurate detection engines on the market. Protecting data streams from sensitive unstructured data including binary data, CAD designs, documents, PDFs and data streams including email attachments, to structured data and databases. Providing the accurate inventory of sensitive data across the entire organization - from on-premises devices, cloud file shares and storage Real-Time Data Forensics Educate and improve knowledge of and compliance to corporate governance policies


GTB’s Enterprise DLP that Works platform is comprised of a broad set of integrated DLP facets and solutions cover an expansive set of outbound channels and protocols. GTB’s Intelligent and Advanced detection techniques, such as its unparalleled patented AccuMatch fingerprinting engines deliver a virtual zero percent false positive / false negative rates, OCR (Optical Character Recognition), and Drip-DLP to ensure effectiveness. Ease of deployment & Best Value – per Gartner research clients GTB’s CASB with a Twist offers accurate visibility and control of data within cloud applications including Office 365, Google G Suite, Box, Dropbox, Salesforce and others. GTB’s Content Aware DRM / IRM (Digital Rights Management) which automatically applies rights management controls based on sensitive data.

The ONLY Data Protection solutions that can:

performs Real-Time Data Classification on Data at Rest & Data in Motion while automatically enforcing data security policies. Off-Premise Fingerprint detection, no need to "phone home" (NO ONE ELSE CAN). Support & fingerprint (the most precise detection engine) Multi Terra Bytes of data without network degradation. Perform partial file match on Binary data such as Audio, Video, Executable, Images, etc. regardless of file size. provide coverage for all 65,535 ports on all TCP protocols. Controls Wireless (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth), SSL WITHOUT A PROXY, Encrypted data, POS, Social Media, Email, Cloud Storage and Applications such as Box, Dropbox & more; both on premises, off premises and in the cloud.