Group-IB Threat Intelligence

Supercharge security and defeat attacks before they begin

Group-IB products

  • Threat Intelligence Platform

    Group-IB Threat Intelligence provides unparalleled insight into your adversaries and maximizes the performance of every component of your security with strategic, operational and tactical intelligence , That Maximize known and unlock hidden values of cyber threat intelligence

  • Fraud Protection

    Group-IB Fraud Protection key features to power your anti-fraud measures - Powerful AI-fused technologies - Cross-channel correlations - Counteracting advanced attacks - Global user identification - Bot protection - Patented technologies - User experience optimization - Graph technology - Industry-tailored fraud protection

  • Managed Extended Detection and Response (MXDR)

    Detect and disrupt cyber threats - Coverage for all infrastructures - A business-oriented security solution - Automation and ML for increased efficiency - Catch what others miss - Enhanced capabilities with Group-IB experts - Unify & strengthen your security portfolio

Attack Surface Management

Attack Surface Management capabilities that go above & beyond the competition - Advanced Threat Intelligence Insights - Customizable Notifications & Reporting Features - Accessible Pricing & Measurable Value

Digital Risk Protection

Defend your digital assets with best-in-breed, AI-powered brand protection online solution - Anti-Scam & Anti-Phishing - Anti-Counterfeiting - Anti-Piracy - Data Leak Detection - VIP Protection Monitoring and mitigation fake accounts for C-level

Business Email Protection

Block advanced email-borne threats Secure corporate email on-premises and in the cloud from even the most sophisticated attacks

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