CYBER RANGES Developing Cyber Resilience

CYBER RANGES: Transform Your Cyber Security Capabilities

  • Training and Re-Skilling

    We specialize in training and re-skilling cyber security professionals all over the world using world-class, deep-dive, simulation technology.

  • Experiential Style

    We provide you with the opportunity to gain and apply critical, hands-on competencies in life-like environments to build muscle memory.

  • Real-World Scenarios

    Our cyber security experiences are delivered through real-world scenarios so that security operators and managers can deal with real threats.


Comprehensive library of off-the-shelf scenarios Replicate corporate infrastructures Use real systems and applications Scalable to 1,000’s of simultaneous virtual machines (VM’s) MITRE ATT&CK Scenarios Multiple attack techniques Multiple CVEs


Each team has access to its own virtual environment Team performance is affected by team members Access to virtual environments is decided by the team


Create your own realistic scenarios Leverage the library of commercial systems & applications Collaboratively replicate complex IT/OT infrastructures Easily repurpose existing scenarios to meet your objectives


Agent-based attacks and user traffic simulation engine Background traffic simulation Stateful attack injections Simulation of false-positive attacks Red team automation Configurable attack library, APT’s from MITRE ATT&CK Live injections during scenarios Configurable IP address pools Automatic orchestration of attacks

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CYBER RANGES is the ultimate, all-in-one, simulation-based cyber range platform

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