Byos µGateway - Attack & Defense Demonstration

Protect any connected device in your network with Edge Micro-Segmentation

  • Protect Remote Devices on Untrusted Wi-Fi Networks

    The Byos USB µGateway provides a Secure Endpoint Edge for the remote/roaming workforce. It provides protection from OSI layers 1 to 5, isolating the connected endpoint onto its own protected micro-segment of one within the local Wi-Fi network, reducing the risk of lateral movement attacks.

  • Plug-and-Play Security for Legacy & Embedded IoT Devices

    Byos protects legacy IoT devices through micro-segmentation, reducing risk for otherwise unpatchable and unsupported devices. For new device designs and rollouts, the Byos architecture can be embedded for an added layer of security and management.

Extend Zero-Trust Access to Any Remote Wi-Fi Connection

Organizations implementing Zero-Trust strategies can now connect to any network with reduced risk, protected via managed Byos µGateways. This provides a high-trust, high-certainty authentication and authorization criteria for use with Identity & Privilege management solutions.

Simply and Cost Effectively Provision and Manage

The Byos Management Console lets you easily provision and seamlessly manage your deployed µGateways. µGateways are plug-and-play for simple deployment, automatically connecting to the Management Console, and immediately receiving corporate security policies once plugged in.

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Edge Micro-Segmentation for Zero Trust Security

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