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Atakama - Multi-Factor Encryption

  • Advanced Endpoint Security

    Whether protecting from external or internal threats, securing confidential data is always a top priority. Atakama lets you protect sensitive information such as earnings reports, PII, HR records, M&A deal documents, engineering and scientific data, internal memoranda, investment models, and much more. There's an ever-increasing need for individual file-level encryption.

  • Regulatory Compliance

    State and federal cybersecurity regulations are expanding and becoming increasingly more onerous. Whether your company is trying to comply with California's CPA, New York's DFS cybersecurity requirements, GDPR, etc., Atakama's encryption solution will help you get there and please your regulators in the process.

  • Encrypted File Transfer

    Emailing files to third parties is an essential need for every business. But when sensitive files are sent outside the organization, the classified information is at risk. To minimize the risk, businesses turn to encryption. In practice however, sending encrypted files to third parties is a pain and is not necessarily the most secure way to mitigate the risk. With a user friendly workflow that ensures the intended recipient is the only person who will receive the files that are being shared with them, Atakama enables the secure transfer of files to external parties.

Enable Zero Trust Infrastructure

Reliance on traditional perimeter-based authentication mechanisms is ineffective and no longer sufficient for organizations seeking to build Zero Trust environments. Atakama’s distributed key management and password-less file-level encryption solution helps secure your infrastructure with granular security controls that are simple to use.

Stop File Exfiltration

Ransomware attacks that involve file theft and publication can devastate any organization. The results are business disruptions, damaged reputations, regulatory fines, litigation nightmares, financial harm, and lost customers. These attacks are on the rise and ever evolving. Unfortunately, legacy cybersecurity solutions don't address these attacks, and adequate safeguards and solutions remain scarce.

Secure Archiving and Cloud

With Atakama, files are always client side encrypted so it's always the encrypted version of the file that lives in the cloud or on the server. You no longer need to rely on network security alone or the cloud provider's environment to protect your files. Atakama ensures that files remain encrypted even when the cloud or network environment is breached.

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