Acalvio ShadowPlex June 2018

ShadowPlex active defense through autonomous deception

ShadowPlex Overview

  • Advanced Threat Defense

    Threats reside on your network for 200 days before you even know about it. And once they’re inside the network, they use credential theft and our own administrative tools against us to pillage and plunder in secrecy (PowerShell, RDP, Remote Admin, C$ Shares, WMI, etc.). Traditional network and endpoint prevention technologies offer too little, too late. Big data security analytics solutions are resource intensive and suffer from too many false positives. Acalvio’s innovative combination of Deception and Data Science provides a first of its kind active defense against malware and hacking with speed and accuracy.

  • Deception 2.0

    Deception 2.0 detects true positive security events inside your network with speed and fidelity. False positives are minimized. Acalvio's patent-pending Fluid Deception™ technology enables authentic, cost-effective, and scalable deception. It solves the conundrum embodied in first-generation products, which offered either scale or authenticity, but not both. Deception 2.0 leverages Data Science to enable a true DevOps model for deception, making deployment and management of deceptions automatic. Staleness has been an Achilles’ heel of first-generation solutions; they are easily discovered and avoided. Acalvio’s Deception 2.0 solution provides deceptions that are dynamic and morphing, increasing efficacy of detection.

  • Acalvio’s solutions are built on a set of patented innovations in the following 4 areas:

    DevOps for Deception – Current Deception 1.0 solutions involve very significant manual, timeconsuming and expensive efforts to deploy deceptions and maintain them. Our DevOps approach to deceptions streamlines and automates the IT effort involved, vastly reducing the cost involved. Fluid Deception – Deception 1.0 solutions presented a conundrum – Scale and Density OR Depth. Low Interaction Sensors OR High Interaction Sensors. ShadowPlex combines a comprehensive set of dynamic deceptions – Honeypots, Lures, Baits and Breadcrumbs to deliver high efficiency and effectiveness. Adversary Behavior Analytics – Acalvio combines telemetry gathered by its sensors with data in other Enterprise Security Systems (SIEM, EDR, PIM, etc.) to develop comprehensive threat intelligence and Attack Behavior. Deception Farms – Extends Deception 2.0 capabilities to be deployed from Private and Public Cloud infrastructures. Deception 2.0 combines Fluid Deception and Data Science to deliver the most extensive solution to address Advanced Threat Defense. ShadowPlex is the most modern, comprehensive, scalable, flexible and cost-effective Distributed Deception solution in the industry.


Comprehensive solution encompassing dynamic deception – Honeypots, Lures, Baits, and Breadcrumbs Engage adversary in a Shadow Network DevOps approach to deploying Dynamic Deceptions Powerful combination of Data Science and Fluid Deceptio - Realistic deceptions that provide BOTH Quality of Deception and Scale/Density of Deception Flexible deployment – Deployable on Private Cloud and Public Cloud (Azure, AWS, GCP) platforms Pre-built integration with major SIEMs for full attack Adversary Behavior Analytics


Early detection Accurate detection - low False Positives Comprehensive attack behavior analysis Extensive automation ensures minimal IT effort Cost-effective detection