Why Choose cPacket?

  • Things to Consider When Choosing a Network Packet Broker

    Choosing the right packet broker can be difficult. Today’s organizations are faced with increasing speeds, complex network architectures, virtualization and cloud computing.

  • cPacket Networks isn’t your traditional packet broker

    We’ve designed cutting-edge network monitoring solutions to provide companies with the right tools they need to effectively and efficiently run their data centers. When you choose cPacket, you get the highest performance for the best value. No bottlenecks, no dropped packets, no high costs. Wondering how cPacket stacks up against the competition? cPacket provides an all-in-one network monitoring solution with industry leading features and benefits. This table compares some of cPacket’s standard features vs. the competition.

Advantages of a Distributed Monitoring Architecture

cPacket has redefined the traditional monitoring architecture. Say goodbye to bottlenecks and packet drops, and say hello to cClear, our innovative approach to bring you accuracy, scalability, and improved network visibility.

cPacket Receives Right Stuff Innovation Award in Monitoring & Analytics

The ONUG Right Stuff Innovation Award is presented to those companies that are dedicated to the development of innovative open cloud-based solutions, and that can best address the Working Group Initiative Proof of Concept guidelines created by ONUG.

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A next generation of distributed network performance monitoring, providing complete packet inspection across your entire network.

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