The Next-Generation Network Packet Broker

  • Deploy faster

    Auto-discovery and configuration of Big Mon nodes Tools can receive traffic from anywhere in network, regardless of physical location Delivery policies are programmed from a single interface

  • Operate faster

    Rapid detection and troubleshooting of performance and security issues leveraging multi-terabit Big Mon Analytics nodes and / or petabyte recording with Big Mon Recorder Nodes REST APIs for tool and workflow integration and automation (event triggered monitoring, alerts, and tool interactions) Attack mitigation at terabit scale — automated or user-driven

  • Scale and innovate faster

    Zero-touch scale out fabric Add tools without impacting network or disturbing existing tools Scale tool bandwidth via fabric-based tool load balancing Reprogram policies in real time based on data center changes or newly discovered threats

Reimagine Networking for the Hybrid Cloud Era

Big Cloud Fabric enables virtual private cloud (VPC) based logical networking, delivering network automation and visibility to both on-premises enterprise clouds and multiple public clouds. With consistent networking principles and governance policies, IT organizations can finally bring the hybrid cloud vision into reality.

Big Cloud Fabric

is the first of its kind to adopt public cloud networking with IT governance to streamline hybrid cloud deployments. This approach is customer driven, as a majority of enterprises will deploy hybrid cloud within the next five years if current trends continue. In this environment, no matter where applications reside or how mobile they become, enterprises need common networking fabrics. To avoid bifurcation—and yet another vendor lock-in by cloud providers—the Big Cloud Fabric approach unifies network configurations, visibility, automation, and Day-2 operations management.

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Value Added IT Solutions


An intelligent Visibility Fabric architecture that empowers infrastructure architects, managers, and operators with pervasive and dynamic intelligent visibility of traffic across both physical and virtual environments without affecting the performance.

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