OverOTT is the automated, precise data solution that will become your microscope


  • O2 Analyzer platform

    Real-time stream processing for Arabic/Franco-Arabic chat, a cloud service for big data mining analytics

  • O2 Searcher platform

    Online searching in all www using Machine Learning capability, a cloud service for big data predictive analytics

  • O2 Social Stream platform

    Real-time integration with social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, Google, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube)

  • Over OTT Social Customer Service

    Online social streaming analytics with CRM or call centers to provide Real-time social customer service 24/7

  • Over OTT Digital Marketing

    Enables you to increase your sales, market share and your customer's loyalty by adding new customer segment and extend your services Portfolio through social media channels (Facebook, Google, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram) Monitoring and analyzing your brand (product or service) over social network in any language (Arabic, English, Franco Arab) and compare it verses your competitors brand/service/product. To give you clear marketing view from social network perspective.

  • Over OTT Direct Sales

    Real-time campaign, Target right Ad/offer in right time to right users through social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram) Analyze and Targeting: Behavioral, Emotional and user's action about your offer/Ad and give end results. To supporting you in strategic marketing plan for next offers.

Stream Processing Engine Customization

Customization on O2 Analyzer platform to serve your business needs and required SI integration. Or, Customization on O2 Searcher platform Or, Customization on O2 Social Stream platform

Digital Marketing & Direct Sales services

Customization on OverOTT DM & DS Web-Portal to fit your business needs. Online OverOTT Data streaming. Marketing Reports (Daily, Weekly, Monthly).

Customer Services

Online customer services 24/7 online ticketing

Back-end integration Services

prediction, with your systems e.g.investigation, CRM, Customer Care, DWH, Billing/Charging, IVR, SMS, ..etc.

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Intelligent platform helps in crime investigation , prediction , terrorist tracking and linking the dots for better analysis

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