• Order Management

    The Total and detailed process of the order starting from the caller placing a call through the order is being routed to the restaurant till the order is dispatched to the client and finally when the pilot gets back to the restaurant with the confirmation of the order done Follow-up is done to confirm that callers are receiving the service level they are expecting

  • Customer Service

    In case the caller needs to set a specific appointment to make a service, the call center will provide the available time, service time frame and the cost. In this case Probable will avoid any overbooking which will raise the customer satisfaction and loyalty; on the other hand Probable service center will be well utilized

  • Tele-Sales

    Work on expanding client market share and introducing their products / services to existing and potential customer

  • Inbound Service

    General/ Program Inquiries, Service Center Reservation , Complaints Handling, Order Taking & Order Management, Support Lines, Advertisement Response, Product Information, Technical Support,

  • Outbound Service

    Tele-Sales, Cross Selling, Up-selling, Tele-Marketing, Lead Generation, Welcome calls, Database Building, validation and profiling, Events Traffic generations, Customer Satisfaction surveys, Response to sales advertisement, Debt collection, Marketing Research.

  • SMS Bulk

    Bulk SMS is a Marketing Solution that started to get huge popularity due to its force in reaching the targeted customers by disseminating text messages using a special type of system by which Users be able to send single SMS to a large volume of cellular phones at any instant. Bulk SMS system is designed to help Users to be in touch with their clients at a time as itโ€™s easy to use the messaging software by entering the contact numbers manually or upload bulk.


NG Crossing LLC. with a team that has long experience in the telecommunications business, especially international connectivity, NGC have been among the industry leaders in bringing state-of-the-art communications solutions to many businesses and countries. Among our team people who changed the internet service in Middle East and Africa from being the first to connect countries to the internet, to first people to use IPv6 to people who did cover cities with metro fiber and mobile wireless broadband and 3G. NGC have been involved in many projects involving voice, data, fiber cable, satellite and Internet exchanges and many other Solutions.

Our Mission to Lead

we will professionally provide an array of value added BPO (Business Process Outsurcing) service effectively address the needs of diverse industries serving local and international markets through talent human pool and technology expertise


To be regionally market share leader in each of the markets we serve

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The Enterprise technology


The Enterprise technology, by definition , faces the constant challenges of complexity and obsolescence. At call center, we are dedicated to delivering and improving upon new channels, new capabilities and new choices for how businesses and consumers collaborate, connect and transact. We operate at the big scale and speed necessary to capitalize on the promise of emerging technologies and the advantages they will provide.

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