Totemo products

  • totemomail® - Email Encryption - Secure Email Communication with Encryption and Anti-Malware

    totemomail® is a comprehensive and extremely powerful solution. Maximum security and confidentiality of all emails and attachments Use of the common encryption standards S/MIME, OpenPGP and TLS Alternative methods for communication partners without encryption infrastructure No installation of dedicated email clients or plug-ins required Automatic and centralized management of certificates and keys Convenient administration via graphical user interface

  • totemodata® - Secure File Transfer - transfers files between people or systems

    totemodata® is an easy-to-use solution that guarantees data confidentiality, integrity, as well as authenticity in any scenario for organizations across all industries. All data movements between internal and external communication partners, between different systems within the company network, as well as communication processes in business networks are monitored and logged.

  • totemomobile® - Secure Mobile Communication- secures your messages and files on mobile devices

    Encrypt emails on mobiles and securely share files on the go Today's companies offer their partners and customers flexible service of the highest quality. In order to be able to meet their needs everywhere and at any time, they also promote the secure mobile communication of their employees. totemomobile® supports companies in this endeavour and ensures that you can also rely on the familiar security and ease of use of the totemo solutions when using mobile devices.


Encryption of all data Compliance with regulations such as GDPR Automation prevents human errors Traceability for audits through logging Failover due to high availability

Ease of Use

Simple and intuitive operation Seamless integration into work routine UX-optimized user interfaces No training required Without plug-ins


Use of industry standards Software, virtual or hardware appliance On premise, Managed Service, Cloud Numerous interfaces to third-party systems Scalable and extensible