Solution steps

  • Guarantee credibility

    The solution contributes to the protection of websites against pirates and information leakage and theft. HTTPCS helps site owners to comply vigorously with the norms and regulations and also to guarantee the credibility of their enterprise and the trust of their clients and users.

  • Detecting all types of vulnerabilities

    HTTPCS uses Machine Learning and a profiling technology in order to send targeted attacks and is capable of detecting all types of vulnerabilities on 100% of the tree view, even on complex and evolving technology. The main pillars of HTTP vulnerability scanner are: Analyze web pages to detect security threats such as Authentication login, Brute force, anomalies, XSS, SQLI, TRV, LFI, RFI, PCI, PHP, SCI, AC, CTP. Suitable for all environments as it provides a hardware solution and SaaS “Software as a Service” for a simpler implementation. Daily offensive web security solution to prevent data theft and leakage, malicious content propagation, intrusion. Simple management interface which is not requiring technical skills for operational purposes. Protect all types of web applications including internal applications. Guarantee company’s compliance and credibility without consuming bandwidth.

  • Correction

    Detect and correct every day all types of security flaws owing to automated black box and grey box audits, vulnerability assessment, and threats management features.

Highest detection

HTTPCS offers the highest detection rate owing to its advanced mapping that parse 100% of the URL’ tree view.

Available as Security as a Service

Available as Security as a Service or as integrated Appliance in Stand Alone mode, HTTPCS owns 3 technologic exclusivities including its zero false positive guarantee. Try the free version to discover the ergonomic console of this daily cyber security solution.”

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HTTPCS is an offensive CyberSecurity solution that pro-actively assures the integrity, security and compliance of your web application.

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