• Control Incident Response

    Apply linear or conditional playbooks that support complex, stateful and conditional logical decision making combining manual and automated actions, with 100+ included playbook templates.

  • Fuse Security Intelligence

    Aggregate, correlate and analyze data from hundreds of leading 3rd party security and threat intelligence sources with 45+ certified bidirectional connectors and a restful API for custom integrations.

  • Automate Knowledge Sharing

    Maintain and transfer expertise with machine-learning drove Automated Responder Knowledge (ARK). Manage incidents across stakeholders collaboratively and securely.

Cyber Incidents under Control

DFLabs IncMan drives intelligence-driven command and control of your security operations. Orchestrate the full incident response and investigation lifecycle for your SOC and CSIRT. Empower security analysts, forensic investigators and incident responders to respond to, track, predict and visualize cyber security incidents. Enable security managers and CISO’s to manage and measure operational performance and cyber risk.

Full Incident Phase Management

Measures, benchmark and optimize Security Operations and Incident Response activities and performance with 140+ KPI’s and reports. Role-based dashboards and customizable widgets produce real-time situational awareness of the state of your security operations and risk exposure. Measure every individual phase of the IR workflow. visualize and analyze threats.

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Value Added IT Solutions


The leader in SOC and CSIR, an Automation and Orchestration Platform allows you to control every part of your cyber incident response. With DFLABS you can final respond and automatically remediate to all Incidents.

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