See Authlogics PINgrid in action

Watch how to use PINgrid to authenticate to a web application


  • Introduction

    The Authlogics product suite consists of PINgrid, PINphrase, and PINpass which deliver strong and affordable two-factor, one-and-a-half factor, soft-token and token-less, one-time code, authentication capabilities for heightened security. They provide the IT department with ease of administration without the associated costs of purchasing and managing a traditional hard-token based system.


    is an award-winning and patented multi-factor authentication and transaction signing solution that is being used in the public and private sector today to transform any mobile device into a soft-token, via a simple offline app, replacing passwords with a memorable pattern that automatically generates a One Time Password (OTP).


    uses Random Character Authentication to provide a simple to use and cost effective 2 factor authentication solution for organizations looking for a standards-based approach to logon security. PINpass turns mobile devices into tokens by sending an OTP to it via SMS or e-mail. When combined with a PIN, or existing Active Directory password, PINpass creates strong 2 FA.


    challenges the user to provide random characters from a memorable phrase previously provided by the user. PINphrase is the only off-the-shelf solution that enables an organization to implement the โ€˜memorable informationโ€™ form of authentication, popularized by retail banks.


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