DarkOwl Investigations on the #Darknet: Case Studies From the Co-Founder of the #Tor Project

Andrew Lewman, the Executive Vice President of DarkOwl, will explore various case studies that involve utilizing information found on the darknet as a part of criminal investigations. Using these real-world, darknet-based examples that have been selected for an intelligence community-based audience, Andrew will walk-through examples of different methodologies law enforcement can use to de-anonymize threat actors, the different tools and approaches one can take to conducting these types of investigations, best practices, lessons learned, and more.

Join us for this webinar, which will cover:

  • How darknets like Tor function from a technical perspective
  • How you can leverage this knowledge to track targets of interest on the darknet
  • How successful past investigations utilizing the darknet have been conducted and why they worked
  • How to incorporate the darknet into the process of your existing investigation